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Origin of wool felt

Issuing time:2019-04-17 16:35

Wool felt is an ancient and longstanding fabric, its manufacturing method has been sown in the ancient Roman era, is a well-known European craftsmanship skills.

There are many legends about the origin of wool felt. One of the most interesting legends is that of Holy Clemente, the guardian of Western shoe-cap merchants. Once St. Clemente was running desperately in the woods to escape the pursuit of his enemies. His feet were feverish and painful, but he was still trying to get rid of the enemy who was chasing him. So he found some wool in the woods and stopped to collect it. In order to alleviate the pain, he wrapped the wool around his feet, then put it back in his shoes and continued to run wild. 。 When he finally arrived at a safe place, he took his painful feet out of his shoes and found that they had become felt shoes. Since then, wool felt has been widely used in religious ceremonies, and has become a god of expelling demons and bringing good luck.

Later, people found that wool has high quality properties such as non-woven, integral formability, warmth retention, waterproofing, fire resistance, fixation, heat insulation, etc. At first, wool was used as the manufacturing material of advanced arts and crafts, and then wool felt crafts were put on the palace of art.

Nowadays, after several centuries'popularity in Europe and the United States, wool felt technology has set off a characteristic fashion crazy for wool in Japan, Taiwan and other places, which has been sought after by many fashionable and skilled people. It can be said that people who have not played wool felt craft have been regarded as far away from the trend.


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